Knut Hamsun Books – Bibliography

Most known works are Hunger, Mysteries, Pan, Growth of The Soil (nobelprize 1920) og On Overgrown Paths.

Knut Hamsun books – Bibliography

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The Spiritual Life of Modern America 1889
The Hunger 1890
Mysteries 1892
Shallow Soil 1893
Pan 1894
At the Gate of the Kingdom (Theater play) 1895
The Game of Life (Theater play) 1896
Victoria 1898
Dreamers 1904
Under the Autumn Star (Wanderers part I/II) 1906
Benoni 1907
Rosa 1908
A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings (Wanderers part II/II) 1909
In the Grip of Life (Theater play) 1910
The Last Joy 1912
Children of the Age 1913
Segelfoss Town 1915
Growth of the Soil 1917
Women at the Pump 1920
The Last Chapter 1923
Vagabonds 1927
August 1930
The Road Leads On 1933
The Ring is Closed 1936
On Overgrown Paths 1949

See all english Hamsun books on Amazon.