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Knut Hamsun of Nations
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The writer Knut Hamsun is one of the literary figures so mythical that it takes time to realize what you are missing! But luckily...

Knut Hamsun is alive!

Knut Hamsun is among the most important and influencial European writers in the last century. He is both novelist, dramatist, and poet, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920. Among Hamsun's most famous novels is Hunger, an intense story of a starving writer, which has attracted readers since its publication in 1890. Also worth mentioning on this short note are his novels "Pan", "Mysteries" and "Growth of the Soil".

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Knut Hamsun of Nations

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Knut Hamsun (1859-1952)
Nobel Prize 1920


If one only had something to eat, just a little, on such a clear day! The mood of the gay morning overwhelmed me, I became unusually serene, and started to hum for pure joy and for no particular reason. In front of a butcher's shop there was a woman with a basket on her arm, debating about some sausage for dinner; as I went past, she looked up at me. She had only a single tooth in the lower jaw. In the nervous and excitable state I was on, her face made an instant and revolting impression on me - the long yellow tooth looked like a finger sticking out of her jaw, and as she turned toward me, her eyes wee full of sausage. I lost my appetite instantly, and felt nauseated.

(Knut Hamsun, "Hunger")